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Health news: Wine is KEY to a longer life Daily drink can slash risk of an early death Health Life Style
The study revealed there are benefits of drinking wine. If you drink alcohol it is important to keep within the guidelines. British Heart Foundation spokesman. Study lead author Doctor Bo Xi, associate professor at Shandong University School of Public Health in China which analysed the American figures, said: Our research shows that light-to-moderate drinking might have some protective effects against cardiovascular disease, while heavy drinking can lead to death.
Drinking wine or beer up to four times a week can protect against diabetes, researchers say The Independent.
Experts calls for minimum pricing and restrictions on alcohol sales. They said wine had the most substantial effectprobably because it contains chemical compounds that improve blood sugar balance. But gin and some other spirits had a massively converse effect on women, with just one drink a day increasing the risk of diabetes by 83 per cent. Drinking alcohol improves memory, study claims.
Wine Basics A Beginner's' Guide to Drinking Wine Wine Folly.
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Is wine good for you? BBC Good Food.
If you do drink as much as 14 units a week, spread your drinking over three days or more, whilst enjoying some alcohol-free days during the week. But before you go and pour your wine collection down the sink relax.
Ten signs you're' drinking a little too much: Here's' how to know when enjoying the odd glass of wine slips into something harmful Daily Mail Online.
Tell-tale signs your dependence on alcohol is creeping up include taking two bottles of wine to a party in case you run out, using bigger glasses and drinking more than the recommended maximum 3-4 units for men, 2-3 for women most nights.
Health effects of wine Wikipedia.
The researchers stressed that a single glass of wine would not lead to metal poisoning, pointing out that their THQ calculations were based on the average person drinking one-third of a bottle of wine 250 ml every day between the ages of 18 and 80.
Red wine: Health benefits and risks.
Grapes and berries are a better source of resveratrol than red wine, so eating these is likely to be more healthful than drinking wine. However, if you are going to drink, red wine appears to be more healthful than some kinds of alcoholic beverage.
Drinking wine can make you more creative, study finds The Independent.
We found that a small drink can indeed help with certain aspects of creativity. Dont reach for the morning Merlot just yet; as Benedek explained that moderate drinking could simultaneously make focused work a little more difficult. The bartender who hates wine but uses chicken skin in drinks.
Here's' What Happens When You Drink Red Wine Every Night
OKeefe wasnt surprised that the best results came from the group drinking red winewhich had resveratrol levels 13-fold higher than the white wine, according to the study. Partly its the benefits of the alcohol, but red wine also contains a lot of unique antioxidants that are hard to get other places, O'Keefe' says.

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