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red wine and blood pressure
Can Drinking Red Wine Stop High Blood Pressure?
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Red wine and resveratrol: Good for your heart? Mayo Clinic.
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Nonalcoholic Red Wine Might Help Lower Blood Pressure.
They found a reduction in blood pressure after the men drank red wine but it was not statistically significant, and gin consumption did not reduce blood pressure. However, after the men drank the alcohol-free red wine, blood pressure levels dropped significantly.
7 Drinks that Lower Blood Pressure Vive Health.
Additionally, red wine can help if you are experiencing higher blood pressure due to plaque build-up. Frequently, an abundance of blood-clots in your arteries can increase your risk for further plaque development and contribute to higher blood pressure. Combined with its plaque-lowering abilities mentioned above, red wine works overtime to reduce blood pressure with a chemical called resveratrol.
Red wine IS good for cutting blood pressure but you need to take out the alcohol Daily Mail Online.
The first figure, the systolic pressure, corresponds to the surge that occurs with each heartbeat while the diastolic reading is the pressure in the resting stage between beats.During the red wine phase, the men had very little reduction in blood pressure and there was no change while drinking gin.

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